Data makes the world go round

Hook up all your accounts and measure your day. Connect Grwo to all your cloud-based platforms and we’ll pull in your data and achievements and give real-time insights. We reward points for usage and activities of your platforms without you lifting a finger. We do all the complicated stuff!

There is more to life than just data

Bring work to life by bringing life to work. Upload moments of interest and get recognized for things in life which can’t be measured through data but based on trust. In essence, we carefully look at the human side.

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Our humble beginnings

In order to really understand what drives the next generation whom are just about to enter the workplace, we decided to test what motivates action, which life topics are important and how does one want to receive recognition.

We started out with a very identifiable problem for this audience: the value of grades when transitioning from school to work. We encouraged students to take a picture of received grades, upload them to Grwo and earn points which they were able to redeem for fun or career experiences. We were able to test our hypothesis at four schools and enjoyed massive organic growth to 300+ universities.

The enormous user-generated feedback we received was instrumental in shaping and gamifying Grwo.

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