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Transforming companies into a learning culture.

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Grwo your life & manage your career!

For Companies

Improve productivity, loyalty and churn resulting in a motivated workforce and increased profits.

For Employees

Set goals and track your achievements. Be recognized and rewarded while cultivating interests.

The Problem


Massive and growing cost of employee loss of motivation, productivity, engagement and churn.


There is no system which encourages you to unlock your potential while also verifying your achievements.

The Solution

Grwo helps guide positive cultural change and behavioral growth by enabling companies to better understand and connect with their workforce. Grwo provides a unique way to recognize both interests and skills, leading to an authentic relationship resulting in sustainable committed growth across all company levels.

We are proud to have been battle-tested and refined our system and methodology with students who are the next-generation workforce at hundreds of universities such as:

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Grwo motivates action, learning never ends.

How It Works

Grwo works in four simple steps.

Company selects themes and encourages employees to grow

Select activities within themes and achieve, share and compete

Upload a picture of your activity and earn Grwo Points

Redeem Grwo Points for rewards in the Encourage, Experience or Everyday category

To find out more about Themes, Activities & Rewards contact us.

"Grwo gives everyone an opportunity to reach their goals and fulfill their potential while being rewarded and motivated in a fair, fun and engaging way."

— Rick Belluzzo, Former President & COO

The Platform

Act, achieve, be recognized and get rewarded while unlocking growth.

Grwo is a mobile cloud-based super easy to use product. Our solution can be activated in your company in a seamless way and besides combatting large threats such as loss of productivity and churn, we give employees the opportunity to advance their self-development while being able to challenge & compete with peers in a social & fun way. In addition Grwo can be integrated with existing platforms (CRM’s, Scheduling, Payroll) whereby we aggregate data, funnel and score one’s activity & let them earn redeemable Grwo Points.

Social Scoring

Grwo truly activates employee advocacy by giving redeemable Grwo Points for shares, likes, comments, retweets and views of shared content.

Profile Building

A Grwo profile is the real-time collection hub for all personal activities. Goals and achievements are reviewed and scored by a manager and therefore verified. A complete change on how to showcase performance and interests.


There are four different subscriptions plans available.

*features differ per subscription.

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