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Grwo is a platform for connecting. We create and gamify brand love for the next generation. Whether its brands with customers or employers with employees, our battle-tested software helps users be part of a purpose everyone understands and companies learn more about their audience.

Choose your channel

Upload the things that matter to you

Categorize uploads to earn points

Track and compare your progress

Select a channel and give love

Every brand or company has their own channel, each with their own categories, challenges and progress to be made. You can belong to unlimited channels at one time and any points you earn are yours to keep.

Get love back and earn points

Grwo Points are how you measure your success. You receive a number of Points for everything you upload as a currency for your self-progress, peer-to- peer competitions or receive rewards.

See your progress and Grwo

While you're growing and improving yourself, it's good to know that you can always scroll back and see where you came from. That's why we added various forms of progress on your timeline, so you can look back and see all the amazing growth you've made. Or you can get inspired by others!

Created to provide constant value

Matching personal purpose with company goals. Grwo delivers speed and insight by showing real-time user interests and activities. Relationships are displayed visually and on-demand. Super easy to use by adding challenges, categories and goals. A plug and play solution that creates an ecosystem based on user interests and therefore develop real connections.


User-generated content creates a deeper bond and trust than traditional methods.


Gamify content and focus on connecting and listening instead of forcing behavior change.


Make learning interactive and fun and therefore increase engagement.

Brand Love

Embrace the participation-economy by creating experiences that lead to loyalty.


Reduce stress and feel supported by being recognized for things that matter to you.

Measure & Assess

Get valuable data on the experiences people are having to help you better understand them and improve decision-making.