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It’s How People Love Your Brand

Grwo is a software solution that amplifies emotional connections between you and your customers and fans

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We bring fans closer than ever.

Grwo creates and cultivates emotional engagement using research-proven methods of feedback and motivation. Our software is completely customizable to become an integral extension of your brand identity.

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Authenticity matters

Grwo builds authentic loyalty built on emotional attachment. Typical loyalty programs are merely discounting in disguise. Social media interest – likes, shares – is not a commitment to your brand and products.

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It makes everything

Grwo originated as a nationwide proof-of-concept for software that was designed to test for motivators, priorities and the effectiveness of rewards among young adults. From the exceptional conversion and adoption rates, level of engagement with the app, and detailed data coming from the test at more than 400 universities, we knew Grwo would have significant commercial applications as a motivational tool for audiences of all kinds.

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Microsoft ID&T Clemson

"Grwo gives everyone an opportunity to reach their goals while being rewarded and motivated in a fun and engaging way."

Rick Belluzzo

Former President & COO, Microsoft

The Grwo Dashboard

Welcome to central command.

The Grwo dashboard delivers vital, aggregated information on your fans. Gain data on age, gender, location and other user information, as well as behavioral results from your actual challenges, quizzes and news placed in the app.

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Key Benefits


Reach Further

Gain early-lifecycle loyalty among new and potential customers


Retain Customers

Create a compelling, content-rich app environment that is a complete reflection of your brand


Tap Into Behavior

Obtain rich data on consumer demographics and behaviors with challenges, quizzes and news based in your brand environment

Tailored Solutions

Utilize our deeply researched suite of social features to maximize your audience and reach. With Grwo you can manage your entire fanbase and view valuable data about trends and activity.