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Times are changing, work is no longer for life

Rapidly changing culture results in low loyalty & motivation. Low productivity and high churn is costing employers over €750 billion year per-and growing.

We look carefully at the small and big things in life and work.

Grwo is an ad-free platform which enables and makes sense of all your generated content and gives recognition for things that matter. This results in the general wellbeing of a company by reducing churn through positive behavior. This leads to increased motivation, engagement, loyalty and drive. All of this, without lifting a finger.

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Powered automatically by your online accounts used at work and receive points for activities.


Upload things that matter to you, get recognized for this and earn more points.


Receive usable insights to make sense of your created content and better understand your life.

Cultural change

By creating a culture of engagement, competition and recognition-involvement rises by 64%.

Improved productivity

59% of people realize their productivity rises when they feel that they are in an environment which cares.


Technology takes care of the hassle. 85% of next-gen employees rely and trust on automation.

Highlight moments of importance

74% of people believe a better bond is created with an employer when they get valued for personal interests.

Overall wellbeing

72% believes that promoting personal wellbeing has a direct impact on the general wellbeing of an organization.

Gamified Learning

70% of learning in the workplace is informal. Employees are eager to pick-up additional skills, knowledge and ideas in informal settings. Learning fosters appreciation of other perspectives helping avoid destructive silo mentalities.

Our team

We are a team which embraces the art of data and loves to gamify life.

Our mission is to create cultures of learning which results in making a positive impact on people's life and work in a fun way. Our expert team is fueled by deep understanding of both corporate and next-generation ecosystems.

Join us in motivating and inspiring people.

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